Here are some resources for learning to make movies.

It’s true, knowledge is power:

Intro to Digital Filmmaking For Teens
Dates: March 20-24, 2017 (5-days)
Time: 9:30am-4:30pm

In this five-day hands-on workshop, participants will learn how to create a film from start to finish. Participants will work together to create a short film that we will shoot and edit over the course of the workshop, taking turns in directing, shooting, lighting, acting and editing. Participants will learn how to operate more sophisticated camera, lighting and sound equipment, as well as basic video editing techniques on professional video editing software.

Cost: $70 per person

Space is limited and pre-registration is required. Register online HERE!

Smart Phone & Action Cam Filmmaking Workshop For Teens
Dates: March 14-16, 2017 (3-days)
Time: 10am-4pm

This three day hands on workshop will introduce participants to the possibilities of filmmaking with smart phones and action cameras, exploring techniques in lighting, composition, movement and sound recording, and learning basic video editing techniques with professional editing software. Participants will be challenged to make a short film in just three days.

Cost: $50 per person

Space is limited and pre-registration is required. Register online HERE!

Ski Film Workshop with Mark Shapiro

2 Part Workshop Thursday, March 3, 7:00pm @ the YAN Space, 2076 Columbia Ave Rossland Saturday, March 5, 9:00am @ Red Mountain Resort

For youth 12-18yrs old
$50 (lunch included on Saturday)
Mark Shapiro is often referred to as the “Godfather” of freeride ski photography, having been one of the first to document the freeskiing movement. The workshop will consist of an evening indoors learning about what makes a good ski film. This evening will be followed by a day on the snow . There will be freeride ski “models” to do the skiing, so participants can focus on getting the shots! Each youth will come away with a clip which they will share and critique with other workshoppers. Limited availability, maximum 5 participants

Register here  

Film Drop-in Nights Every Thursday March 31- April 28. 4:30pm-6:30pm at the YAN Space Come work on your films with input and guidance from knowledgeable facilitators.  Cameras and laptops available for use to film and edit. Free

Claymation Workshop with Shelley Painter

Saturday, April 9, 1pm-5pm at the YAN Space (2076 Columbia Ave. Rossland)

Shelley will teach Claymation skills, from storyline, set up, and building your characters to how to turn stills into a motion picture. Lego and action figures can also be used in the films.

Maximum 12 participants.

Cost $20

Register here

Special Effects Make-up Workshop with Carolyn Ferraro
Two day workshop April 16-17, 1pm-5pm at the YAN Space (2076 Columbia Ave. Rossland)

Carolyn Ferraro has a diploma in Make-Up Design for Film and TV from Vancouver film school. She has worked on numerous sets in Vancouver. She will teach special effects make-up skills from creating bruises to prosthetic appliance application (the gory stuff).

Maximum 8 participants.

Cost $30

Register here

Directing Workshop with Jason Asbell
April 23, 1pm-5pm at the YAN Space (2076 Columbia Ave. Rossland)

Jason graduated from the SFU film program, he manages and programs for the Civic Theatre in Nelson. He is also a lead instructor for the “Senior Director’s Seat” summer film camp in Nelson. Learn tools for taking charge of your own film projects and skills to take your written scene to the screen including breaking down shots and blocking for actors.

Maximum 12 participants.

Cost $20

Register here

Words of Advice from Mark Shapiro The Importance of Storyline

Mark Shapiro previously gave a lecture on storyline in films. Below are some brief notes from his talk:

Story Board Creating a story line from “Written Down” thoughts, ideas, group input personal experiences, other person’s personal experiences etc etc to create a Script, what the film wished to portray. Hopefully something original.   The Script has a Beginning, the Story, and an Ending.            

The Beginning: Opening Scene is the Attention Getter. Captures the immediate attention of the audience. Could be a group of high impacted images from the film in split second flashes or a Scenic Panorama in Time Lapse, or the Stars eating breakfast watching the Avalanche Report, etc etc etc.

Titles: Production Logos, Sponsor’s Logos, Title of Film, Actor’s names, Produced & Directed by etc etc.

The Story: Scene by scene in an order according to the Written Script.          

Continuity i.e.: Transition of sequences in order, smoothly running together. Models wearing same cloth in Action sequences, Drama, Interviews, etc etc under same Climatic Situation.          

Branding: All through the film, a suttle presence of Sponsor’s Logos.            

The Ending: The Climax of the film, where everything comes together. Where the ploit of the story reaches its Climax. The final scenes then recounting the experience.                    

Finishing Titles            

Logistics: Selection of Actors and Crew. Locations of Scenes. Props. Travel, Accommodations. Politics with Tourist Offices, Lift Company’s, Heli Operations, etc etc.

Special FX Tutorials

Using the Adobe program After Effects, you can create all kinds of amazing special effects.  You can download a free trial version of the software for 30 days from Adobe’s website.
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